An Oodie is a large blanket hoodie created by combining a blanket with a hoodie. During the winter, the most frequent question on everyone’s mind is, “How can I handle looking nice, going outside, and feeling comfortable all at once?” To answer everything all at once, an oodie is made to make individuals feel cosy, warm, and wrapped up in just one piece of clothing.

When Oodie were first released, they were a great hit. The affordable oodie gained popularity among all of my friends and found a home in their wardrobes. Jumper blankets have made my life easier since I have a lot of work because I can’t remain in bed all day and cuddle a blanket to stay warm. Because they are THE BEST, I can always find my friends, coworkers, and neighbours sporting their Hoodies from HoodieBlan.


My journey of buying the Hoodie Blanket from HoodieBlan:

At first, I was a bit sceptical regarding which design I must buy. There were so many designs when I was choosing my Hoodie Blanket, that I wanted to buy a lot more than just one. But since it was my first time trying the oodie, I wanted to make sure it was a good product, so I limited myself to just one. Moreover, I was recommended HoodieBlan by one of my colleagues, so I was not actually sure that the company was providing What it claimed to provide.

After hours of drooling over so many beautiful patterns, I finally decided to go ahead and buy the Corgi Oodie. I have also seen many people in my locality wearing that pattern and it looked absolutely gorgeous. So, I directly placed my order and the Hoodie blanket, my Corgi oodie in gorgeous colour was delivered to me on the 10th day of placing my order.


 Condition in which I received my Corgi Oodie:

I had received my Oodie from HoodieBlan in a secure wrap. It was properly tied and there were almost no wrinkles. It smelled fresh. In addition, I also received the storage bag without any additional cost with my order. I would rate HoodieBlan packaging to be a 5 on 5!


How do I wash my Corgi Oodie?

Washing my favourite Corgi Oodie is not at all a big task. I just throw it in the regular washing machine I have at my place and it is good to go. I use the regular detergent for washing it and a fabric conditioner for extra softness and fragrance.


Features of HoodieBlan Hoodie Blanket:

  •  This is the cosiest, warmest and utterly buttery piece of clothing you will ever wear. Whether it is a lonely evening or a fun gathering of friends, I love wearing my Oodie from HoodieBlan
  •   Free delivery within 7-9 working days.
  • 100% guarantee for product satisfaction otherwise full refund.
  •   Only the highest quality materials which are also environment friendly that provide exceptional comfort and warmth.
  •  I say it is the most comfortable Oodie. It is also two products in one, a blanket plus a sweater. In any case, I am sure that with HoodieBlan you will feel exceptional as if you are warmly hugged by a cuddly bear. They made a promise to me when I was buying my HoodieBlan, and each word has been true.


Pros of HoodieBlan Hoodie Blanket:

  •  Incredibly warm as the Hoodie Blanket from HoodieBlan have a double layer of sherpa fleece which not only keeps me warm but also acts as an insulation for the bodily heat
  • Easy to wash which makes the management of Oodie all the way easier and hassle-free
  •  Almost the definition of cosy. It also allows me to keep all my belongings at one place when I am out. All my keys, glosses, phone, and creams stay safe and compact in my pocket. The pockets are huge and I can literally keep all my belongings in here.
  • Oodie Alternatives saved me a lot of money on heating
  • Infinite patterns to choose from. Some most famous ones are the Avocado Oodie, Penguin Oodie, Bulldog Oodie, Pink Oodie, etc.
  • Perfect for indoor as well as outdoor activities. Regular-sized is perfect for going out while the extra-long Hoodie Blanket are ideal for a comfy and snuggle lazy movie night indoors. I now have two Hoodie Blankets in different sizes, and they can last me a lifetime with promised comfort and ease
  • My Corgi Oodie is easy to carry and can be paired with all other clothing items. I wear my HoodieBlan Hoodie Blanket almost with all the jeans and pyjamas I have and it truly feels very comfortable.
  •  I can wear it easily. I do not have to worry about getting it ironed, or keeping it in a secret storage box. I keep my Hoodie Blanket along with other clothes, there is no lint or any other damage to any of my clothes.


Cons of HoodieBlan Hoodie Blanket:

  • Not cheap for something that you probably shouldn’t wear out of the house
  •  Slightly difficult to store because I cannot ask my kids to fold it for me
  •  Can get a bit too warm when I wear it during the day time. It gets a bit too hot!
  • Difficult to choose one oodie as there are so many patterns!!!!


Rating my Corgi Oodie from HoodieBlan: (based entirely on my personal experience)

  1.     PRICING: 5/5 it is very affordable for the quality provided.
  2.   WARMTH: 5/5, the oodie is extremely warm and can be substituted in place of your blanket.
  3.     SOFTNESS: 5/5, very soft material
  4.   COLOR AND PATTERN: 4/5, the pattern is very cute, the colour also looks good for day time
  5.     EASE OF HANDLING: 5/5 very easy to handle, store, and maintain
  6.     LONGEVITY: After 5 washes, the oodie is still in a good condition.


Here are some of the reviews from other customers that helped me in making a decision:  

“I love my HoodieBlan so much and also I started a thing in my friend group because once I got my HoodieBlan all of my friends got them. I think it’s so soft and overall, just the best purchase I have made over this whole year I recommend getting your HoodieBlan today!”

“I was a bit doubtful while buying a jumper blanket for the first time from HoodieBlan. I had never bought an oodie before but ever since the package is delivered, I have not been separated from my oodie even for a day. It is literally the best thing that accompanies me anywhere and everywhere. Have also got one for my mom as well “

“Definitely, a must-buy product for the winter season”

“HoodieBlan provides the comfiest Hoodie blankets that are available on the market. The cheap Oodies in the US provided by HoodieBlan are not only made of the best quality material available but are also delivered very fast as compared to the delivery time of other Hoodie Blanket brands.”

“I gifted the Pink Hoodie Blanket to my mother on her birthday and it is quite visible that it is the best gift I’ve ever got for her. She has worn it continuously since the day of delivery. Even after so much use, we can easily clean the Hoodie Blanket by simply putting it in a machine. It still looks like new. I just Love HoodieBlan oodies.”

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