Explain What Does Snapchat Emoji Mean

In the young generation, Snapchat is an application which is very popular. There are several features that you can enjoy on this platform, and Snapchat emoji is one of these features. Maybe you are unaware of this feature and want to know more about it. Here, you can know a brief detail about the Snapchat emoji and what does it mean. You’ve definitely seen such emoticons previously if you’re a Snapchat member.

Some of these emojis show in front of your friend’s name on your Snapchat account, and you may like to know what does 3 mean and what other emojis mean. Read this blog and know the things you should know about Snapchat emojis if you don’t have much information regarding them before.

Snapchat emojis:

Snapchat emojis are a one-of-a-kind characteristic that detects how you and your Snapchat friends engage with one another on the app. The emoji displayed next to a person on Snapchat’s “Friend” page is influenced by a number of factors, including how long you’ve become best buddies, how often you give each other pictures, and which other Snapchat members you engage with regularly. These are the few reasons that we mention.

In the past, there was a best friend feature on Snapchat, and everyone could see the top 3 best friends of any other person while visiting their Snapchat profile. This feature was removed because some people have privacy concerns because of this feature, and they don’t like anybody to know that they are making the most interactions with. That’s why Snapchat remove this feature, and now, you can’t see best friends on other people’s profiles. Instead of the best friend feature, Snapchat launched the emoji feature, which I think is more credible than the previous one.

What does Snapchat emoji mean?

So, you may see several emojis on Snapchat while using it and want to know the meaning of these emojis. Read the below blog to know the meaning of these emojis:

Cake emoji:

You may often see cake emoji in front of the name of your friend in your Snapchat’s list. This emoji shows the birthday of that person. You can only see this cake in front of your friend’s name when it’s their birthday. This emoji is helpful in remembering you to wish them. Most of the time, people forget to wish their friends and to save themselves from this problem, this cake emoji will help you. Just open the Snapchat, and after that, you can know if any of your friends have a birthday by seeing this cake emoji. So basically, the cake emoji represents the birthday of your friends and helps you in remembering to wish them on their special day.

Sparkling emoji:

Sparkling emojis appear in front of your friends that share the same groups with you. Whenever you see that emoji in front of any of your Snapchat friends, just keep in mind that it appears because both of you share some groups. It will help you in identifying which friend shares a group with you and which one doesn’t share any group with you.

Hourglass emoji:

Many people want to know what these emojis indicate. It means that your streak is going to end soon, and you are running out of time. In order to save your streak, you need to immediately send a snap to your friend, and after that, the hourglass emoji will disappear. So, this emoji is to remind you that your streak is in danger, and you need to send a snap to your friend as soon as you can. You don’t need to worry after you see this emoji, as you can save your streak just by sending a snap to that person.

100 emoji:

These 100 emoji indicate that your streak is successfully completed 100 days in a row with the friend who has this emoji in front of his/her name. This is a favorite emoji for many of us, and these emojis give us a feeling of achievement to continue the streak for 100 days in a row. So, after you see this emoji in front of any of your friends’ names, keep in mind that it represents that your streak with that friend completes 100 days in a row. You could take a Screenshot and also put it on your story to show other friends as well.

Fire emoji:

Fire emoji indicates that your snap streak is going on with that friend. People start snap streaks due to several reasons, and one of the main reasons is to increase their snap score. Another reason is they can see all the time what’s happening in their friends’ life and they can show what’s happening in their life to their friends as well. So, if you saw fire emojis in front of any of your friends’ names, don’t forget that if you want to keep these fire emojis in front of your close friends’ names, then the chat will not help. You need to send videos or pictures to keep this fire emoji.

Emoji with two pink hearts:

These emoji show that you are a best friend with that person on your list for at least two months—Snapchat measures this friendship by showing this on the basis of previous interactions with these people. If you want to keep these two pink hearts, you need to continue interacting with that person.

One red heart emoji:

This red heart emoji same the interaction with the person for two weeks. It means that this person on Snapchat has been your best friend for two weeks.

Smirk emoji:

Smirk emoji indicates that you are the best friend of that person and interact most with that person, but that person isn’t your best friend. That other person is interacting too much with some other people and not with you. So, the smirk emoji show that you are the best friend of that person while that person isn’t your best friend.

Emoji with sunglasses:

These emoji show that you and that person share the same close friend. One of your close friends is continuously interacting with that person too.


This emoji show that you recently had an interaction with that person. If you are new on Snapchat, you’ll often see this emoji in front of many of your friends.

Smile emoji:

It shows that you are best friend with that person but not number one best friend. Your number one best friend is someone else, but the person with a smile emoji is one of your best friends as well. So, if you see the smile emoji, make sure to know that this person is one of your best friends.

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There are many people who saw various Snapchat emojis in front of their friends’ names, but they don’t know the meaning of these emojis. If you are among these people and want to know the meaning of Snapchat emojis, this post is perfect for you. Here, you can read the detail about almost everything you want to know about these emojis, and you should know to identify the types of various friends in your Snapchat account. So, you need to know, and this blog will help you a lot.

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