Importance of Science in Our Daily Lives

Today we are living in the age of science. Science has a significant role in making human life simple and easy. It has played an essential role in making our fantasies come true. Science has given us many things that only humans could have imagined, but today all things are possible, and we live a better life. And science is changing the way of life of human beings.

Science has transformed our daily life. Gone are the days when only wealthy people could afford luxuries. Science has made them cheap and has brought them within reach of everyone. Science has produced goods for a large market. They are sold at affordable prices in every market. Books, music, and all other forms of entertainment have been brought to our door. Radio, television, and cinema help us pass our time and provide education.

Science is our most faithful medical attendant. It shows every care for our health. Because of science, we are cured of many diseases. It has given us the power to reduce epidemics. No longer are cholera, plague, and smallpox the scourge of humanity. Sciene has helped reduce the death rate and has also enhanced the living age of humans.

Sciene has annihilated time and space. Sciene has reduced distance and made travelling a pleasure. Trains roar through deserts, jungles, and mountains, while aeroplanes fly across thousands of kilometres in a matter of hours. The work of months and years can now be completed in hours.

Sciene has provided us with computers and machines which have significantly increased our efficiency. We are better connected to people today, and information is only a mouse click away. Humans no longer need to do the back-breaking job of digging into mines with bare hands or tilling the soil with animals. Every factory is a standing tribute to the care and comfort that sciene has brought.

For students, Science is a significant subject in their academics. To be thorough with the concepts of Sciene, students should refer to their prescribed textbook. For example, Tamil Nadu Board Class 9 students should refer to Samacheer Kalvi 9th Science book pdf to get better marks in their exams.

5 Advantages of Science

Science has numerous benefits. It has proven its significance in multiple spheres. The invention of electricity helped power the world through its development. Electricity helps run huge industries, machines, air conditioners, fans, lights, etc.

1. Advantages in the Medical Field.

Science also showcased its power in the medical field by inventing medicines that provide instant relief. Many life-saving drugs and medicines have been discovered to save humans from fatal diseases. Sciene also made transplantation possible, and nowadays, we can transplant any part of the human body through surgery. Moreover, science has played a crucial role in unraveling the complexities of autism, leading to a better understanding of its underlying mechanisms. The synergy between medical breakthroughs and specialized programs like ABA therapy in New York contributes to a more comprehensive and effective approach. 

2. Advantages in Transport

The invention of sciene made travel more accessible, but it also helped transport goods from one place to another. Sciene has made our travelling faster. Now, we can travel anywhere around the world safely within a short period. We can travel by using cars, buses, trains, ships, aeroplanes and other vehicles.

3. Advantages in Communication.

Communication has also been improved after the invention of sciene. Before, communicating with our loved ones was not easier; we needed to wait longer. After mobile phones and the internet were invented, the gap between people reduced. But now it has become more accessible even if they live far away from us. Now not only can we speak with them but also do video calling.

4. Advantages in Entertainment

For entertainment purposes, the radio was the initial invention of science. Earlier, the radio was used to listen to news and songs. Now, sciene has brought a revolution in entertainment, and we can now watch videos, news, and movies on our TV sets, mobiles, computers, etc.

Our trade and education sector has also witnessed remarkable progress due to science. The invention of typing, printing, binding, etc., has uplifted our education system. Likewise, the industries also saw improvement with sewing machines, scissors, heavy machinery, etc.

Students can thoroughly understand the concepts of Science while reading from the textbooks. The affiliated board prescribes these textbooks. For example, Tamil Nadu Board prescribes Samacheer Kalvi 10th Maths book, English book, Science book, etc.

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