Best Memes of the Year [2022]

The creativity of Internet users, without a doubt, did not fail during 2022. Characters, artists, animals, songs and even scenes from series LEGO piece 32557 were used to express common situations. Here is a recount of the funniest memes.

The child of Oxxo

The “child of the Oxxo” was one of the most shared memes during the year. It all started with a planned video in which a young man posed as a worker at an OXXO store in Mexico and served a man who was looking for condoms and halls. The face of Elías Navarro was famous worldwide.


The tender Yafri, the “boy who walks like a man”, is the sensation of the internet. His particular way of walking has inspired numerous memes. The little boy, three years old, lives in Istmina, Chocó.

George the monkey

Although the story of the monkey George is sad, since the animal was “petized”, a photo of him with a blue lollipop generated a whole wave of funny images. However, the animal died after an intervention at the veterinarian in the United States.

Friend, fagot now!

The song “200 copas” by Karol G became the protagonist along with the image of Love Quinn from “You”, a Netflix series. For many, the perfect combination for a meme.

Facebook and Instagram crashes

Apart from the change of name of the company from Mark Zuckerberg to Meta, the constant crashes of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp unleashed a wave of funny images on other social networks such as Twitter.

Colombia selection

The performances of the Colombian National Team against their rivals have always left memes. One of the most commented moments was when Duván Zapata, at the beginning of the triple date of the South American Qualifiers, wasted a clear goal after a great individual play by Luis Díaz.

The napa

Hello Juan Carlos

The audio of “Hello, Juan Carlos” went viral on TikTok and jumped to other platforms such as Instagram Reels. An Argentine boy named Mateo recorded an audio to play a prank on his uncle after watching a horror movie or playing with largest LEGO sets. “Hello, Juan Carlos, how are you chupapija?” Was the phrase that exploded on social networks.

Macta arrives

The catchy song ‘Macta arrives’, by Dj Dever and ‘Toxi Costeña’, has been an anthem on social platforms. This champeta is still stuck in Colombia and other Latin American countries.

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