5 Tips To Use Instagram And Have More Engagement

Engagement means commitment and is a term used in marketing to refer to the relationship a brand has with its audience. On Instagram, that engagement is measured by the interactions (likes, comments, saves, shares) that an account’s posts receive.

It is important to increase engagement on Instagram because the application’s algorithm identifies which posts are most likely to interest users, so that the Instagram algorithm gives visibility to content based on its own activity. In other words, the Instagram algorithm identifies what users are interested in through likes, comments, etc. Here are some tips to grow your business on Instagram.

Use Instagram Reels and Stories

More than 500 million users a day watch stories and, since August 2020 when Instagram Reels arrived in Spain, this short video format lasting between 15 and 60 seconds has become the favorite format for users to consume content on Instagram the platform.

This type of content conveys a feeling of closeness and gives the possibility of quickly interacting with surveys and questions, offering the user instant and easy-to-consume content. If your Instagram have no follower and you are not getting likes on your post, now you can buy them from Goread.io.

Generate content based on games

Resorting to content creation through gamification solutions is a very effective strategy. The options are practically endless: roulette games, scratch cards, word searches, riddles, find differences, complete a sentence, etc. At this point also enter the famous contests that brands use to boost their communication.

The key to applying gamification to your content on Instagram or the creation of contests is that you adapt it to your products or services. But it is just as important that content based on games or hobbies attract the attention of users, as well as having an attractive gift catalog that is worth participating in. 

Consumer promotional campaigns

Instagram is the perfect platform to boost sales of a brand’s products and services. This is so because it has great visibility potential thanks to the wide range of possibilities to generate interaction within the platform. Carrying out consumer promotion campaigns, we can retain consumers with a wide variety of promotional mechanics.

Excite your audience

By moving your audience we mean humanizing the brand, making it close. By sharing content with which your audience feels identified, engagement will be guaranteed. How do you get an audience excited? Knowing very well the profile of it, as well as that of your potential clients.

Do not forget to listen to your audience and ask them to share experiences or experiences. We users love to leave our opinion and feel that we are heard. Make your audience more now with help of Goread, they provide likes, followers, comments services for Instagram.

Encourage dialogue with the audience

In relation to the previous point, making publications that encourage participation through simple questions or surveys is a very useful strategy to improve engagement and that will give you very useful information regarding your products or services. 

The use of emojis is very effective in these cases to stimulate participation, because it is a quick and easy way to respond.

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