What Is A Barrier Mat?

A barrier doormat is one that contains a carpeted pile on a rubber backing. A barrier mat is used to prevent dirt and water stains from entering buildings. It serves as an entry mat and a place where visitors can wipe dirt, dust and moisture off their shoes.

What is the benefit of using barrier door mats?

The benefits of floor mats are endless. It is also a great way for preventing dirt and damage to flooring. The first impression customers get when they walk into your store is made by floor mats.

Barrier door mats offer a healthier alternative to mats that trap dirt less effectively. Any mat can have a logo or personality. However, barrier mats can be customized to your exact specifications.

What materials do barrier door mats come from?

Our mats can be made of many materials depending on their purpose and location. Our printed pile mats feature nylon fibers that are extremely washable and colour fast. Our rubber-based mats with 100% nitrile rubber backing are resistant to curling and breaking in extreme conditions.

Ultimate mats has a barrier coir mat line (also called coco matting or coconut matting) made from 100% natural coir fibres. They are available in seven popular colours as well the bestselling original colour. We can also make custom coir mats for your company with your logo, slogan, or emblem, in any size.

The look and function of your mat is just as important as its appearance. There are many options available, and you need to select the right one for your business.

What type of barrier door mats exist?

There are many varieties of barrier matting that you can choose from. Ultimate mats sells barrier entrance logo mats in several formats. These include heavy-duty mats or extra-large mats. They also offer logo barrier doormats for commercial buildings who want to make a great impression.

There are many mat options available. Make sure to understand the intended function and where it will be used.

Outdoor barrier mats

Outdoor barrier mats can be used to protect your mat from the elements. We also offer dirt trapper and dirt trapper mats. These mats provide a tough, dirt-free surface that is easy to remove shoes.

Outdoor barrier mats with a bristle finish are another option for high-traffic areas. The mats are made with polypropylene fiber and create a looped pile that traps dirt and debris. These can be ordered in custom sizes and colors to suit your requirements.

Industrial barrier mats

Our industrial floor mat product line includes ant fatigue and slip-resistant tiles to suit different budgets and requirements. Ultimate mats has a large selection of commercial matting. It is the leading supplier of industrial mats and workplace matting. Our mats protect property’s floor surfaces and promote safety for staff. Your employees will be happier if you have anti-fatigue, anti-slip, and other mats.

Washable entrance barrier mats

The majority of mats are not very easy to clean. However, if you do have dirt buildup or want to keep your carpet looking nice and tidy, you can get help!

There are many cleaning options depending on which type of mat you have. You can easily clean rubber mats by simply shaking the mat and then wiping it with some soapy water. You will need to take a little longer to clean the carpet pile and coir mat. A brush with a stiff bristle or brush can be used to loosen and remove any debris and dust.

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