The Science Gateway Technology

In The Science Gateway Technology, key technology areas will be aligned with industries’ needs, including mobile, polymers, photonics, coatings, industrial design, mechatronics, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and wireless technologies. A team of full-time researchers and engineers at each center works with the industry to develop innovative products and services. Gateways provide access to industry-focused capabilities across the network as well as to the wider research infrastructure in Ireland. Our staff is always happy to speak with industry representatives about possible collaborations. For more information, contact the Technology Gateway support office.

Construction of the Science Gateway

After receiving official permission from Geneva authorities, CERN plans to begin construction on its Science Gateway later this year. The facility is scheduled to open to the public at the end of 2022. In 2017, CERN announced the Science Gateway, an ambitious project. Thanks to invaluable cooperation between CERN and the Canton of Geneva, the project is taking major steps toward becoming a reality: CERN submitted the application for a building permit to the Geneva authorities in October 2019, and it was accepted on 29 September.

This autumn, construction work can begin

Science education and communication are one of CERN’s objectives, namely education and outreach to the general public on the subject of science as well as the transfer of knowledge and technology to society. The Science Gateway Technology architecture will reflect CERN’s tunnels, workshops, experiment caverns, and other emblematic areas and equipment associated with the fundamental research conducted at the Laboratory.

Renzo Piano Building Workshop designed the facility, which will include five different areas with exhibits, educational activities, laboratories for practical experiments, a large auditorium, a shop, and a restaurant. The Route de Meyrin will be crossed by a footbridge connecting all of these developments. In addition to enhancing the Organization’s capacity for communication and visitor hospitality, the new building is designed to complement the Globe of Science and Innovation and the surrounding natural environment.

Our lives have been made easier and faster by scientific inventions

With the advancement of science and technology, it has become very easy to get information about anything and everything under the sun. We can gather knowledge about the world with just one click of a button. Our lives have been transformed by inventions in the fields of the Internet, information technology, medicines, agriculture, education, communication, and transportation.

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