How many Dream SMP Members Can You Guess from Their Voice?

“tommy! And wilbur, and the rest of… L’manchildburg. We… Are at struggle. There’s no mercy. We’ve got burnt down tubbo’s house, we’ve planted tnt-cannons round your land, we’ve got cobblestone-walled the outside, and we’ve shot one caution shot inner your partitions. We have no mercy! No mercy for you! We are able to burn down your homes, we can kill the whole lot interior your walls, and we are able to take back the land this is rightfully ours, if you do now not surrender. I wanna see white flags! White flags, outdoor your base, by using tomorrow, at dawn, or you’re lifeless!” Dream SMP Members
—dream’s announcement of warfare

“down with the revolution, boys. It became in no way supposed to be.”

“eret, pay attention to me, and i imply this within the nicest way feasible: you fucked up.”
—tommy, following eret’s betrayal

Tommy: do i shoot [Dream], wil, or do i goal for the skies…? Dream SMP Members
Wilbur: tommy, i… I need you to do something your coronary heart says you ought to do.
—just earlier than the very last duel

I heard there was a special vicinity
In which men may want to cross and emancipate
The brutality and the tyranny in their rulers

Well, this area is real, you needn’t fret
With wilbur, tommy, tubbo, fuck eret
It is a totally large and not blown up l’manburg.  Dream SMP Members

Technoblade Joined The Sport

Dream SMP Members

“properly… (long pause) that changed into quite smooth. […] y’recognise what i said, the day i were given unbanned from the dream smp? And the day i said i used to be going for walks? An election that i won, through the manner… I said things are gonna trade. I seemed each citizen of l’manburg within the eyes and that i stated, ‘you listen to me… This location can be lots exceptional tomorrow.’ permit’s begin making it manifest. My first decree, because the president of l’manburg… The emperor, of this fantastic us of a! Is to revoke!! The citizenship of wilbur soot and tommyinnit! Get ’em outta right here!” Dream SMP Members

Jschlatt’s Inauguration Speech

Dream SMP Members


“tommyinnit, i’m a sluggish-burning fuse. I’m a long, slow-burning fuse, but i’m telling you now, over the following couple weeks, i… I’m gonna be a distinct man than the one jschlatt crossed. I’m able to feel it. And perhaps this new guy might be open to … A technoblade.”

Dream and Eret

Dream: what do you watched offers you electricity? (pause) is it your crown? (pause) is it the truth which you’re king?
Eret: (pause) the ones who have been given energy… Keep directly to it.
Dream: okay. How?
Eret: i think recognize is a large factor.
Dream: positive. Appreciate is massive. (pause) if… Appreciate is the only aspect protective you from… A knife within the returned. Respect is nothing, right?
Eret: what are you announcing, dream?
Dream: i’m announcing you don’t have power because of your crown, you have got power because of me and you have power due to the opposite individuals of dream smp like punz and sapnap through defensive you and protecting your kingmenship. (pause) am i wrong?
Eret: you’re now not wrong.

Dream SMP Members

Captain puffy


“the motive why so many people hated tommy is because… Tommy made them suppose. Tommy made them think. For… The primary time. The people that have been so deeply rooted in their own ideals, that they had… Warfare. That they had struggle. And that made them reconsider. That made them rethink what they believed, what they concept. So… Tommy, positive, he is… Visible as demanding, seen as… Some thing. And… He was seen as stressful by way of me, and… If he changed into nonetheless round, in all likelihood might be. However… This does not make any sense… Why unexpectedly such a lot of human beings seem to care approximately him so much. Humans seem to care about him so, a lot extra, now that he’s long past. When before, he turned into stuck within the prison for an entire week! And no-one concept to help? No-one idea to help. No-one on this server. No-one in this server thought to assist. […] but now that he’s gone? Human beings are becoming… Virtuous, they are becoming ‘oh, this should not manifest again.’ but they didn’t even attempt! […] i recognise that i didn’t assist. But i imply… I recognize that i failed to help. […] i must’ve done something, but i did not, because i was scared. I was scared to help. And… That was my fault, however i… I realize that. (sigh) i am being… Hypocritical, i am being… I am… I am going returned on what i’ve said previously, i’m doing this due to the fact- even i… I do not know the way to deal with this.”

Dreamxd grants techno’s desire in jail

“what i’d love to do with all this loot, is- is take… (sigh; deep breath) so i realize i- i am in no way gonna… I by no means wanna fight again. Or if i do, i wanna combat like how i used to, i wanna have construct battles, i wanna fight with folks who combat like me. Y’understand? I- i- i- i- i don’t want people to be in complete netherite. This is conflict armour, and i do not need battle armour now. I want struggle armour, that’s iron armour, i want no longer-tory gear. […] (digs a hole; locations a chest and begins placing valuables in) i hate that everybody progresses now, so, so speedy, i hate that. I need human beings to take it sluggish, guy. And i wanna take it gradual myself, i don’t need any of these- properly, i will take drista’s knife, however that is it. (hovers over the awl of peace) this one’s the sign. ‘motive we all hate alternate right here, guy. However now it’s changed by using itself, it’s… People do not struggle anymore, and that is precise. The axe of peace is the very last one, that makes humans move “whats up…

I in no way, ever have to dig this again up.”

Dream SMP Members

Wilbur: you rebuilt this! After i would long past!
Tubbo: well, i can’t take all of the credit, manifestly, but-
Wilbur: oh, yeah, the fucking ghost, who ca- you rebuilt this! Bro, you-
Tubbo: yeah, i assume…
Wilbur: fuck a grave! I was so pressed approximately no longer having a grave- screw a grave! I built some thing that you loved, which you desired to maintain! This is…
Tubbo: yeah, i suggest, truly, honestly…
Wilbur: tubbo, that is well worth greater to me than a grave. It really is really worth greater to me than this shrine. It is well worth extra to me than- tubbo, this is probably the nice present i’ve ever been given, just this understanding that you actually cared enough to rebuild this community, after it fell.
—wilbur meets with tubbo on the one year anniversary of l’manburg’s independence

Wilbur: i am no longer gonna harm you once more. I am now not gonna, … I recognize- i realize you had that- you- at the competition. With technoblade. I never spoke to you properly about this.
Tubbo: mm.
Wilbur: i should have stored you.
Tubbo: however you failed to.
—wilbur brings up the pink pageant
Quackity attempts to get revenge
Dream: appearance, you can’t tell quackity. If you tell quackity, i am lifeless! You promised me earlier than, you promised me! – look, i used to be searching at you whilst quackity turned into about to kill, and also you screamed quackity’s call. You had been gonna forestall him, so you realize you don’t want me lifeless.
Sam: …The cause of the prison is not to kill the inmates, it’s to maintain them locked up.
Dream: ’cause you recognize you need the r- if i’m lifeless, then anybody else, once they die, they are dead for all time.
Sam: i know, dream! I understand.
Dream: so if- if he kills me, then- then… Then if- then in case you die, then you definately’re dead for all time. Or if tommy dies, he’s dead all the time.
Sam: …You’re proper… (beat) then why don’t you just… Tell me what the book says?
Dream: because then you’ll kill me. Or quackity will kill me.
Sam: if quackity kills you, i’ll use the e-book on you. That’ll be our deal.
Dream: (exasperated) no, you won’t. Appearance, i can’t- i cannot be telling people approximately the ebook! If i inform humans approximately the e-book, then- i dunno, all people will become too effective. What if the wrong person is aware of it? I’m the correct person to recognize.
Sam: how are you the correct person to recognise?! You are now not the coolest guy, dream. Don’t fake like you’re the coolest man. We each understand it’s no longer actual.
Dream: i don’t assume that i’m a horrific man…
Sam: how are you not the horrific guy?
Dream: nicely, i think, y’know… Good humans do awful matters… I suppose, y’recognize-
Sam: horrific people do bad things.
Dream: accurate guys, terrible men…
Sam: so what you probably did to tommy? You have been just a great guy, doing a awful factor? Creating a mistake?
Dream: look, simply don’t inform quackity.
—sam unearths dream nonetheless in jail

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