7 Tips To Increase The Sales Of Your Online Store

Having a nice online store or having a great product is not enough reasons to have guaranteed success… That’s why, in this post, we explain 7 tips to increase the sales of your online store.

How to increase your ecommerce sales

Many people may think that by simply having an elegant online store or having a great product they will have great success in their company, but this is not the case. A large set of factors is needed to achieve the success we want.

One of the primary goals of any online business is to generate sales. For this reason, we need a large part of the visits to your website to become sales. So we must focus on attracting traffic to our website, but also on improving our conversion rate.

There are different factors that are essential to help you achieve the success you are looking for, here we give you 7 tips to increase your sales in your online store.

There are different ways that can increase your online sales, giving you the success you deserve, so here are the 7 tips to increase your online store sales:

Know your client

Nowadays, it is essential to know our client perfectly, in digital marketing it is called a buyer person.

For your online business to work, it is essential to know perfectly the profile of the clients we are targeting, both in terms of tastes, hobbies, needs, among others. In this way, we will be able to satisfy and retain you or attract you as a new customer.

Presence in social networks

With a good RRSS strategy and strategic content planning, you will give more visibility to your products, you will reach your target audience more directly and it will be reflected in the sales of your online store.

You must keep your networks up to date, using eye-catching and attractive posts for your target audience. Instagram is one of the most used tools on social networks to showcase; you can show your entire range of products, attract new customers, and make your online store grow! A study carried out by Track Mavel reveals that the engagement (rate of interactions of a post per 1000 followers on Instagram) is 8 times higher than that of any other social network.

Strategies to recover abandoned carts

Abandoned carts are a great inconvenience for online stores, since the customer has forgotten or abandoned the products that they previously wanted to purchase, and for our online store, it is a lost sale. To solve this problem that many online stores suffer from, we can perform:

If we have the customer’s email, we will send them a reminder message when they have been inactive for a short time to remind them that they have the cart with products to purchase. We can do this automation in Mailchimp if we have our account synchronized with Paysalhatach shop.

If the first email sent does not provide us with the desired results, after a few hours, we will send another email with other product alternatives to see if we can draw the customer’s attention and thus acquire the products.

 Offer valuable content on your corporate blog

The blog is one of the tools that bring more benefits to an online company, and not only economic! Having a blog in your online business will get more traffic to your website, it will generate brand awareness, it will increase visibility and it will help your client to have confidence in your business! If you don’t know what type of blog to create for your online store, you can visit what types of blogs exist and choose the one that best suits your business.

Create product catalogs

To give more visibility to your products, you can have a catalog of your products and make it available to customers in your online store in PDF format or give them the possibility to download it.

You can also create catalogs in the Facebook administrator and thus be able to tag your products in Facebook and Instagram posts.

 Copywriting in the texts of your website

We can define copywriting as the persuasive use of language to attract and improve customer conversion. The main objective is to attract the attention of the reader, and for this to happen, the content must have a specific value and skills:

  • A correct written expression.
  • Keep up to date with the different trends worldwide.
  • Great capacity for innovation.
  • Do not make spelling or grammar mistakes.

Of course, it is important to create persuasive texts, but without forgetting the keywords of your business, which are the ones that will help you position yourself in search engines and attract quality traffic to your online store.

Create newsletters that add value

Build customer loyalty with newsletters that add value and position yourself in the mind of your consumer in those potential customers who are interested in your brand, but have not yet made their first purchase.

For your company to grow and increase sales, it is important that you personalize the message for each client. Since we can have privileged information on each client, we must use it intelligently.

Email marketing can be very effective if a correct segmentation of the database is carried out. By the way, have you subscribed to our newsletter?

 As we have told you, having good products or a beautiful website is not everything to generate sales, it is necessary to have a good campaign, with good customer segmentation, a great online presence or a blog that attracts traffic to your shop.

We hope that this post has been of great help to you and that it has aroused your interest in improving and thus increasing the sales of your online store. Experts will be of great help to your company and will help you gain a lot of visibility and attract potential customers to your website.

If you want us to advise you on how to create your online store or develop a strategy to get closer to your goals, do not hesitate to book a free consultation with paysalhatach.com or leave us your questions in the comments.

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